Sunday, April 26, 2009


Dis nest is under oor verandah. this ams the first clutch (dat meens a buncha eggs) this spring. Berdies come here every year and nest, and Momma has always taken pichurs. Berdies can't smell, so they cant smell Momma has been neer the eggbabies. She is very careful that she dusnt make the Momma and Daddy berdies mad at her. Over the next few days, she will post sum moor pichures of dees eggs. I cant wait to see the babies!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Maru!! He's grate!!

This is Maru, and he lives in Japan. He has a "thing" for boxes. Momma laffs an laffs when she watches him sliding, wandering around with a bag on his head, or popping out of boxes. Here's some links where yoo can see him in movies
:) This video is 5 minutes long, but its awesome :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cat Hattin Step-by-Step

Oor victu.... i mean Model for tooday ams Tibby. Travis will attemp hims very first ever Tibby Cat Hat today.

Step one: Choose yoor innocent victum.

Step Too: Peaceful Tummyrubs.
Step Three: Sadie Supervises

Step Foor: Pick up yer kitty.

Step Five: Have kitty attempt to skratch oot yer eyes. (Avoid this if at all possibles)

Step Six: VOILA!!

Yoo now gots a Cat Hat! TAAAADAAAAAA!
A glad-its-not mee MTW :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yoor Kyoot dose fer Today

So here were are, just chillin on the dryer....and Momma walks in and sees us lookin all Kyoot...

So she decided to tak a lil vid of us for yoos.

Frum Oor Kyoot to Yoor Kyoot :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

There's not really words for pichurs like dis...

Biggify dis pichure for the full effect!! but we luvs dem anyways.

Normal dogs don't sit like dis!

Sadie dumbdog has a weird habit of sitting on things that normal dogs do not sit on.. or in ways dat are kitty-like, or human like.


A lawnchair:

Dis ams oor buddy Kieffer, Sadie likes to punch him inna mowf. hahaha

On da downstairs couch...

Travis' puter chair...

The dog crate out onna porch...

the one that grosses oor Grammie out, the kitchen chairs:

Thursday Thirteen - Things dat tick me off!

SoftPaws® i REALLY get tikked off wit those

When Momma dusnt let me go to catster and visit wif my Very Hansum Mancat Xander. *swoon* Izzint he a Handsome Mancat? He looks so much like me too!

When my favorite boxes shrink so im not comfy:

Gettin Cat Hatted:

When Sophie squashes me on da catbeds on the dryer

unreciprocated grooming:

Rotten dumbdogs who steals my mousies:

(theres TWO shots cause dis REALLY TICKS ME OFF!! )

When i'm late for the daily Pounce Scatter and everyone else gets some but ME

empty fud bowls (this should be punnished wid jailtime i fink)

When Tankie gives me da Bitey.

    When my pal Bob the Ceramic Chicken wont talk to me

when Sadie yanks my collars offa my neck while im wearing them

Prolly the thing dat ticks me off the most tho, is not being able to cuddle wif oor goggie Tandee Wigglebutt cause she's at da stoopid Bridge now.

Where we been??!

Where'd we go??

Here we are!!
We are still all alive, Momma's just been really sore. This is me and Tankie in the basement window, lookin at da birdies and tryin to get them to come over closer muahahahahaha

Friday, April 10, 2009

bit of a break

Momma's back is really sore (she is a bit disabled by it) so we mite not bee writin too much for a bit.

Daisy, thank yoo so much for showing off the Super princess cape we makedyoo!! Yoo look just as super as we thought yoo would! Harley yoo looked very dashing too! :)

MTW :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We gots a new kinda litterbox!

Dad bought us an automatic litterbox! We like it alot. Momm thought it might take us awhile to get used to it, but it didnt take anytime at all, and we all use it.

Its a Smart Scoop brand, and we got it at Zellers for around $90 Canadian. We are going to get 2 more.

Here's a video of it working. Do not worry, that was just water Momma poured in to show yoo all how it rakes up hahaha

Meet my buddy Shelby!

This is my kittysitter Shelby! She lives right next to us. When Momma and Dad runs away, she comes to make sure we dont stave, and she lets the dumbdogs out. I wish she's leave 'em out there... but i digress

I gives her kisses on hers nose, and headbonk her to say hello

Then i teach her and my boy Travis how to hold up treats so's i can streach up and reach 'em!

I makes sure Trav holds some up too, cause i like lotsa treats.

*burp* a full MTW.