Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Things dat tick me off!

SoftPaws® i REALLY get tikked off wit those

When Momma dusnt let me go to catster and visit wif my Very Hansum Mancat Xander. *swoon* Izzint he a Handsome Mancat? He looks so much like me too!

When my favorite boxes shrink so im not comfy:

Gettin Cat Hatted:

When Sophie squashes me on da catbeds on the dryer

unreciprocated grooming:

Rotten dumbdogs who steals my mousies:

(theres TWO shots cause dis REALLY TICKS ME OFF!! )

When i'm late for the daily Pounce Scatter and everyone else gets some but ME

empty fud bowls (this should be punnished wid jailtime i fink)

When Tankie gives me da Bitey.

    When my pal Bob the Ceramic Chicken wont talk to me

when Sadie yanks my collars offa my neck while im wearing them

Prolly the thing dat ticks me off the most tho, is not being able to cuddle wif oor goggie Tandee Wigglebutt cause she's at da stoopid Bridge now.


  1. Those things would make me feel a little bit crabilated, too! But I think you look real pretty with the Softpaws.

  2. Empty fud dish would tick us off too!