Saturday, April 4, 2009

We gots a new kinda litterbox!

Dad bought us an automatic litterbox! We like it alot. Momm thought it might take us awhile to get used to it, but it didnt take anytime at all, and we all use it.

Its a Smart Scoop brand, and we got it at Zellers for around $90 Canadian. We are going to get 2 more.

Here's a video of it working. Do not worry, that was just water Momma poured in to show yoo all how it rakes up hahaha


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  2. Hi Elin's secretary here! Elin is run away after heard that machine sound! But for me, it is very practical and good! But seems Elin is scared of it, I won't buy her that.

    [Elin shout from the kitchen]: She's lying, I'm not scared!


  3. Wowie! You are very brave! I think I would be too scairted to use that litterbox. But it looks real cool. Like a robot!

    ps: I hope you gotted my e-mail! I LOVE my fancy cape. I will be modeling it on my blog this coming week. I can't wait for everybuddy to see it!

  4. wow ... i cooden't see it ... but, frum da commentz ... i wish i had.
    i'll try again!

  5. wow ... i saw it ... an i herd it, too! it'z like lissenin to da garbij men owtside in da mornin!
    enjoy ms. tw!