Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cat Hattin Step-by-Step

Oor victu.... i mean Model for tooday ams Tibby. Travis will attemp hims very first ever Tibby Cat Hat today.

Step one: Choose yoor innocent victum.

Step Too: Peaceful Tummyrubs.
Step Three: Sadie Supervises

Step Foor: Pick up yer kitty.

Step Five: Have kitty attempt to skratch oot yer eyes. (Avoid this if at all possibles)

Step Six: VOILA!!

Yoo now gots a Cat Hat! TAAAADAAAAAA!
A glad-its-not mee MTW :)


  1. You make a very pawsome cathat, Tibby!

  2. Hahaha! My Mommie has a t-shirt with a picture of a boy with scratches on his head. The slogan reads "Don't put a cat on your head. It hurts real bad."