Saturday, March 28, 2009

its oor birthday!

Thanks to our friends for the birthhday wishes! We are 7 years old today :)

a huge headbonk to Ann for makin these spiffy grafics!!

MTW, Zelda and Momma :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sunbathin Mancat!

The following photos may be too zexy for young girl cats.. viewer diskressun ams advised.

Momma begs yoo all to pay no attentions to all the snot-noseprints on the window hahah

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sore Eyed Sophie

This is Tankie Badboy's Mommy Sophie. When me and her wuz chillin on the dryer yesterday, Momma noticed Sophie's eye was swollen and tearing..

Momma maked sure there was nuthin in her eye, and then called the V E T. They were grate and said to bring Soph riiiight in. So Momma threw her (actually had tried 3x to git her in da crate, then ended up standing the crate on it's backside, and sliding her in feet first hahaha)

he V E T was not oor usual VET lady, but instead was a very nice ManDoctor called Dr. Ogillvey. He was grate with Sophie, adn she was standin up on her tippytoes and giving hims headbonks and purrin at hims. She was glad he was so nice, and was showing him she trusted him.

They stained her eye with some florescent green drops to look for scratches, then he looked in her eye. The grate news is that there was nuthin wrong with her eye, and we figure Sadie popped Sophie inna eye like she usually does.

So now she hasta gets eyegoop in 2x a day. Luckily for Momma she can do almost ANYTHING to Sophie wifout gettin Soph all mad and Bitey. She's lookin outside chirrupin at some birdies as we type.

A glad it wasnt me MTW

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ticked off Tabby Tuesday

GUESS what that rotten Sadie Dumbdog did??!? She eeted my collar!! AGAIN!!!

I hates dat dog sometimes. *sighs*

A nekkid MTW

A sad post today

Yesterday was a sad day here in our city. We live at the airbase where our fallen troops are brought back home for repatriation. This post is NOT a political one... but something we wanted to share with you.

These are the latest four young men who have been killed during the war, and this Repatriation is our community's way of saying "Stand down Soldier,
From left to right, Master Corp. Scott Vernelli, Cpl. Tyler Crooks, Trooper Jack Bouthillier and Trooper Corey Hayse

When our soldier's bodies are sent back home, pretty well everyone in the city who isnt working comes and stands along a part of the fence right infront of the airbase where the plane lands. This is nicknamed "Repatriation Row"

The plane lands, and the hearses are waiting, as well as the families, and usually our Governer General and other dignitaries. The bodies are carried off of the plane with the greatest respect and dignity.

We wait quietly along the fence, most with flags and messages for the families. Those who can, wear red. It is a very solumn event.

The hearses, then the limosines with the Fallen's families drive past us as we salute, or hold our hands to our hearts in respect. We even have the route renamed in Their honour, it is called the Highway of Heroes.

People line the bridges all along the highway from Trenton to Toronto, they stand with flags and salute as the hearses go by.
It's not much, but it does let the families of the soldiers know that we thank them, and share the grief they feel.

A Thankful MTW and Momma Suzie

Monday, March 23, 2009

a cat tent!

This is what me and Tank want to make next!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Super Hero Princess Cape!

ME and Tankie decided to make our friend Daisy a Super Hero Cape after her blog entry here: We saved oor 'lowance and bought some very pretty Disney Princess fabric, and 2 daisy embroidered appliques. We worked on this together pretty well, but Tank couldn't help dragging away the measuring tape. Several times.

Here's Tank measuring and chewing out the fabric

Here's me posing in it.

Here's the daisy appliques on the bottom corners

Mom sez it looks like a tiny horse-blanket

Here's what i think of dat!

Here's me getting my modelling fee

We carefully addressed it, put it in an envelope, and put it in the mailbox. I wonder how long it will take to get to 'Merica?

A Crafty Tank and MTW

Snuggly Sunday

It's been a snuggly, kissin, headbonkin kinda day here today!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Sadie's posting today

I am very tired today, so Sadie Dumbdog ams gonna blog today.

Hi!!!!!!!!! Today i am gonna show you my friend Henry!!!!

He is a very handsome Golden Retriever!!! He's very excited to be here today!!! Henry is a VERY handsome young man, he's my age! We were both born in November.

We went for a hike with Momma and Henry's Dad Doug! Here he is with Henry.

Henry and i ran this way first!

Then we ran that way next!

Here we are running RIGHT at Momma and Doug!! I slammed into Doug 2x during the hike! Im not very good at putting on the breaks! I use lotsa !!! 's cause i am a very excited dog!!

Here's me having a breather. We did LOTS of running!

Here is a picture of Henry on his front porch where we had to stay and dry off. We got reeeeeaaaaalllly dirty.

And here's a pic of me on the way home. I always fall alseep in the car like this, with my head on Momma's hand.

It was a SUPER day!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Faktry Cat! These are the kittehs in my Neighbourhood..

Now Momma is singin that song from Seseme Street.. She can even hear Bob singing it!!

ANYWAYS, we live a bit away from a faktory. At the Faktry, there's a cat!! She lives inside. THey make cabinets, and she is the Offical Mouser.

We call her "Faktry Cat. She seems to be a Maine Coon, she is a very sweet Girl. Here real name is "Freddie Freeloader." We like Faktry Cat better tho. Here she is bonkin Momma on the leg, giving ear rubs.

Momma and 2 of the human kittens went to see if she was outside, and she was! Momma stops once in awhile to give hers some pets. She was very saddened to see what shape FC was in.. she was all matted.. the mats were so bad she seemed to have problems walkin. But she came over to Momma and the boys, and got LOTS of skritches and pats.

She was so matted, she has really dirty pooper-area issues with all that long hair. It maked Momma sad, and she's still thinking about goin back tomorrow and offering to get FC groomed.

A thankful MTW

Monday, March 16, 2009


I play World of Warcraft. I am a level 71 Hunter. Tibby back there is only a dumb Gnome Warlock. haha

I eet Horde babies HAHAHA PWN!!

Just kidding, i only eet Iams® and Temptations®