Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mommas Day!

Happy Momma's Day!

Imma share some pichures of the Mommas in my life.

This is me and my Momma, Suzie.

This is my Momma, and her Momma Marie-Jeanne!

This is Tankie and hims momma Sophie!

This is the berdies momma Momma berd! (I fink she took Trav's bike oot for a spin this morning!!)

And these are the berdies today! Everyone is geeting HUGE, and they all talk with Momma now!

And for everyone who's missing there Mommas today if they went to the Rainbow Bridge or gone to be with Jesus, remember... they still are loving yoo and thinking of you.

xoxoxox MTW and Momma :)


  1. Happy Mom's Day to your mom and her mom and the birdies' mom! That is a very sweet post!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms in your life!

  3. Us kittiez wish youz and your momma and youz m♥mma's m♥mma all de bestest day ta day. M♥mma's iz just 'bout da mostest 'portant 'bean in da whole, wide world!