Monday, May 11, 2009

The Top 8 iPhone Apps for Your Pet

Heer's some helpful iPhone apps yoo mite wanna get.

8> iCan: Makes the sound of canned food opening. Drive your pals

7> iPurr: Gives your human the impression you actually give a

6> Photo Album: Identify your doggie friends by sight and avoid
those awkward, cold and wet "How Ya Doin'?"s back there.

5> Death Rattle Ring Tone Generator.

4> iNads: Enjoy these virtual jewels after your cold-hearted
master and his evil vet friend took yours. Periodically
prompts for grooming.

3> Goldfish MemoryMaster: Increases memory to 6 seconds.

2> The iMinnocent: Detects canine flatulence and plays audio of
the owner's voice saying "Oops! Excuse me," before he has a
chance to blame the dog.

and the Number 1 iPhone App for Your Pet...

1> iPolly: Repeats what your human says in your voice so you can
concentrate more on his or her eventual overthrow.


  1. Those are some great apps!! Our mom wants one of those iPhones!

  2. Brilliant! I must find Mom's plastic card to place my order.