Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tank's trip Outside

I got to go Outside on my harness today!! The bugs were bad, and Momma got eeted alot. Thankfully there is alotta Momma to eet.

Momma sed i can't go outside without this STOOPID harness, so i just sucked it up, did a few crocodile deth rolls, and got on with it.

I was facinated by the leaves, and the blowing grass.

And some gooses flew RIGHT over oor house! That skeered me a bit.

I met a wormy, and he sed his name was Martin. I touched him, and he went all swirmy!! I didnt know what to think of it.

So i whapped it again!!
Then i eeted him before Momma could move him. I *AM* a ferocious ManTiger...
I'm sorry i eeted yoo, Marvin.

And that was my day outside!
Tankie Badcat.


  1. Love your activity! Love your eyes too!


  2. What a great day out side you have~!
    Just wonderful~!

  3. I reely wanted to go owtside today cuz the wether didn't suk bad fur a change. But then I took a nap and it wuz nite.

  4. marv ... r.i.p (harharhar!)
    i'm goin owtside rite now.
    it'z byootiful in noo york!