Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oor berdies are almost ready to fly!!

Momma went oot to take a pichure of DaisyBerdie, Jeter Berdie, Skeezix Berdie and ZoolatryBerdie, and Skeezix and Daisy jumped oot of da nest!! dey were runnin around flappin, and Gloria Dumbdog wuz likkin her lips at Skeezix Berdie!! Momma caught them and stuck them back inna nest, but she finks they won't be here for very many days :(


  1. Wowie, they sure grew up quickly! I am glad the Daisy Berdie and all the berdies are still safe!

  2. Oh my goodness, looks at all those little peeps!
    And they also have very interesting names...

  3. Hey guys, we awarded you with the One Lovely Blog Award - come by and pick it up at our blog!