Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gardenin wif Momma

Momma and me started oor garden plants awhile ago. I helped by warming up the Jiffy Peat pots. We will be takin pichures as things grow and bloom. We planted Morning Glorys (i REALLY hope they don't make more Gloria Dumbdogs!!!)

Here is a pichure of the front of oor house. Momma's friends and fambly helped her to make the gardens, and to plant things cause hers has a bad back. She was very happy they helped her.

And Daddy got us a Humming berd feeder!! Momma had Tankie ootside on the frunt verandah, and he SAW THE HUMMIN BERD!!! He wus VERY excited about that!!

Oh and i want to give a shout-out to my favorite mancat in Calee forn ee ah, Skeezix!! He's been werkin really hard for the Spelling Bee!! Go see his blog about the Bee!!


  1. Best of luck with the gardening! The front of the house looks great!

  2. Your house is pretty! I can't wait to see when the morning glories start to bloom.

  3. Aren't the hummerbirds neat! We have them here too.