Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Super Hero Princess Cape!

ME and Tankie decided to make our friend Daisy a Super Hero Cape after her blog entry here: We saved oor 'lowance and bought some very pretty Disney Princess fabric, and 2 daisy embroidered appliques. We worked on this together pretty well, but Tank couldn't help dragging away the measuring tape. Several times.

Here's Tank measuring and chewing out the fabric

Here's me posing in it.

Here's the daisy appliques on the bottom corners

Mom sez it looks like a tiny horse-blanket

Here's what i think of dat!

Here's me getting my modelling fee

We carefully addressed it, put it in an envelope, and put it in the mailbox. I wonder how long it will take to get to 'Merica?

A Crafty Tank and MTW


  1. What a cool cape!! So nice of you guys to do that. We can't wait to see Daisy model it!
    Btw, Miss Tiger, you did a fabulous job modeling it yourself!

  2. It looks AWESOME! I especially love the beautiful fabric. I think I might be able to leap even better with a cape like that. I cannot wait for it to arrive! Thank you ever so much!

  3. Hi everyone. Daisy told us all about the great cape you made for her, so we wanted to come by and meet you. Welcome to our cat blogging community.

    George, Tipper, Max & Misty
    The Crew