Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday PhotoHunter!

This is my first time playing, and i dont have the linky codes up yet, but anyways....

The theme this Saturday is "FOUR"

So here's a very special picture with four tiny babies we fostered, and we kept the orange terror and named him Tank, not "Pika" :) Lola's name stayed, Xander Bob" is now known as "The BoB, and Lucy is now Lilly :)

Now here's a picture of four... This is Momma's littermates when SHE was a kitten! She's the chubby baby in the bikini!! hahahahaha


  1. Great photo hunt! Those kittens make mom go SQUEEEEEE! And we love your mom's little bean photo!

  2. Those kittens are adorable! Your Mom and her littermates were cute little beans too!!

  3. Adorable bebbeh kitties! And your mom was awfully cute, too!