Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sore Eyed Sophie

This is Tankie Badboy's Mommy Sophie. When me and her wuz chillin on the dryer yesterday, Momma noticed Sophie's eye was swollen and tearing..

Momma maked sure there was nuthin in her eye, and then called the V E T. They were grate and said to bring Soph riiiight in. So Momma threw her (actually had tried 3x to git her in da crate, then ended up standing the crate on it's backside, and sliding her in feet first hahaha)

he V E T was not oor usual VET lady, but instead was a very nice ManDoctor called Dr. Ogillvey. He was grate with Sophie, adn she was standin up on her tippytoes and giving hims headbonks and purrin at hims. She was glad he was so nice, and was showing him she trusted him.

They stained her eye with some florescent green drops to look for scratches, then he looked in her eye. The grate news is that there was nuthin wrong with her eye, and we figure Sadie popped Sophie inna eye like she usually does.

So now she hasta gets eyegoop in 2x a day. Luckily for Momma she can do almost ANYTHING to Sophie wifout gettin Soph all mad and Bitey. She's lookin outside chirrupin at some birdies as we type.

A glad it wasnt me MTW


  1. First, we just read your post on your fallen heroes, which made Mom cry. Your town has such a wonderful way to pay respects. We wish more towns and people would honor their heroes.

    We are very glad that Sophie's eye only needs goopies. Guess what? Our cousin kitty Tucker Scissorhands has to be put in the kennel the very same way! Mom does not even try any other way anymore. She got the scissorhands once too many times. :]

  2. Poor Sophie! I am glad it is not too serious, and I sure hope her eyeball will feel all better soon.

  3. I am so glad her eye is OK and that she was a very good girl at the VET's!

  4. Oh we's glad her eye is ok! Dat's good!
    Yore vSquillion does look grate. Woo hoo!
    Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

  5. From Canada to Texas to Florida... the word got round that there's a very special day coming up this weekend...
    please be sure to check your email for a little surprise...

  6. Thank you so much for the condolences and gentle headbonks. We really do appreciate them!