Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm going to introduce you to my Fambly.

I might as well get started on the intros, i have a BIIIIG fambly.

First off is my actual litter mate Zelda. Zelda was named after our human boy's favorite video game "The Legend of Zelda". She is a very silly girl with ridiculously soft furs. She has a very small meow.

Next is Momma's oldest cat Bailey. Bailey was borned under Momma's sister's front steps. She was found when she was just 2 days old! Bailey, her sister and her Mom were caught, and Momma fostered them till the kittens were about 8 weeks old, then had the Mom cat spayed, and found a great home for her and the other kitten. Bailey has lived with Momma for about 12 years now. She's a very shy cat, and hides whenever anyone comes to the house, but she does come out and night, and sleeps on Momma's pillow. She HATES Sadie Dumbdog.

And the last one for now will be a picture of our newest kitty, her name is Tibby aka Velocotibby. tibby was thrown out of a vehicle when she was only a few weeks old, it seems people around here know Momma fosters cats, so it was a safe bet she was gonna take in this tiny fluff ball. Tibbs' lower jaw was all "road rashed" from her rather eventful entry into our household. She has the tiniest mew you would ever hear. She is noted for gobbling food off of the humans plates at astonishing speeds, hence "Velocotibby. She is over a year old now, very healthy and happy. I don't 'sociate too much with Tibbs, cause she tends to stay in the lower half of the house. I'm an upstairs kinda girl.
OK, that's part 1 of my Fambly.

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