Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Might as well show you Sadie...

ok, this is our dumbdog Sadie Mae. She is German Shorthair Pointer crossed with greyhound. She runs like lightening.
She is a rescue animal too. She is a huge challenge, and she is on Clomacalm due to severe seperation anxiety.

Momma gotcha'd her when she was 6 months old. She is just over a year now. She destroys things if Momma leaves her to go to the bathroom. If she is crated, she "hops" the crate across the room, and eats whetever the crate hits. We even put her in an airliner crate once... I'll post a pic of that tomorrow lol Lets just say those crates arn't as strong as people think.

Anyways, Sadie is a notorious Coller Taker-Offer and Eaterer. I have purrsonally gone through 5 collars since she came here. She also took off tibby, (2x) and Tankie's (2x).

Want fries wif dat??

There really is nuthin to say about this picture... lol

This picture was the day Momma brought Sadie home. Gloria's face sez it all hehehehe

A rare picture of a calm Sadie.

She is always chasin us cats... never a moments peace with her around.. I dont unnerstand *why* Momma puts up with her, or why she loves her so much. I shake my heat at dat one. lol
Her favorite thing to do is ambush us, and laydown squishing us till she gets our collars off. She is a dork.
Tomorrow Im going to introduce you to our fur-fambly who live at the Rainbow Bridge now.
MTW :)


  1. It's nice to meet you Ms. Tiger Woods - and all your family! Welcome to the Cat Blogopshere!

    My middle name is Mae like Sadie, and I've got an Airedale Aunt named Sadie - though she sounds like a handful!

    We can't wait to read more about all of your adventures :-)

    Pearl (and Bert and Jake too!)

  2. Hi Ms. Tiger Woods, it is nice to meet you and welcome to the Cat Blogosphere, you will meet lotsa great furriends here! We do have to admit, our Momma has been slacking with our bloggy lately (lotsa human stuff going on), but we did visit the CB and found out about you! Now as far as that Sadie woofie goes, she looks like a pointer dog, and our Momma's friend has one of those pointer dogs. She was sooooooo hyper when her friend first got her, but she finally settled down, and we hope Sadie does too! We hope you have fun playing in the CB!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon