Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lets meet Tankie Badboy, and his Mom Sophia Ballerina!

This here is Tank, and his tiny little momma Sophie. We calls her Sophia Ballerina 'cause when you scritch her back, she stands right up on her tippytoes!! i must say its very cute.

ok, its VERY hard to see Tank in this first picture, because he is under Sophie's tail!! You can see an ear if you look close though.

Sophie was a rescue from Fixed Fur Life http://www.fixedfurlife.com/ and we got her when the babies were juuuust opening their little blue eyes. She had 4 kittens. Twin tabbys, Bob and Lilly, a tiny black baby we called Lola, and Tanklin Himselfs. Daddy fell in love with Tankie when Tank started to groom Dad's goat tea. That did it, Tankie was never leaving. Course Dad didn't want to separate Tank from his mommcat, so Sophie never left either. The other 3 kittens all found wonderful homes. In fact, Bob lives with 2 ferrets!!!

Tank is a big boy, very "Tom" except he never got his ManCheeks. He DOES have huge Manpaws though. Sometimes Sophie has to slap him around abit, cause he gets doin "NO GOOD", at least that's what Momma tells me. She's a lot smaller than him, but she gets her point across.

Sophie is a very sweetheart of a girl, in fact i even let her sleep beside me on the dryer! I don't usually let anyone else up there, and the odd time Tankie climbs up and cuddles with us too.

This picture is going to get my butt kicked... *snikkers* Its worth it though. Big TOUGH MANCAT Tank has a stuffie!!! His name is Norbert. Norbert is missing his NOSE cause Sadie EETED it!!! Anyways, here is my blackmail picture of Tank and Norbert hahahahahaha
HAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAA!!!! Tankie sleeps with a baaaaaabyyyyyyy!!!! Gotta run!!

So this concludes the other animals i share my home with. Later, i will introduce you to my fursibs that have gone to The Bridge.

MTW :)


  1. I love the last picture of Tanie with the stuffie! What a priceless expression!

  2. ooohhhh Tankie gots a stuffie!!! Tankie gots a Stuffie!! hims furry sweet.

    Mammas like Sophie is furry goods at lettin dehr big boys knoh whos da MOM!!!

    n Mawmee squeed at da little black kitty... wunder what hims like now.

    Katie Too