Monday, March 2, 2009

well well well, Momma... *evil stink eye*

After heerin me yells and hollers, Momma sed she's gonna startwritin in my blog again! She's been so bizzy reedin Skeezix, Daisy and Jeter Harris' blogs lately, that she's been inspired to start writin on mine again. She's gonna post my url on Twitter, and her Facebook so's peeple nos she's writin.

It's freakin cold here in ontario, its currently -12c, which is about 10 f, and it feels like -4. I am currently snuggled up on da dryer masheen wif Sophie, and Tanky Badboy. Tank is annoying, but he's warm, so i guess he can stay up heer with his Mom Sofie and me.


  1. YAY YAY YAY!!!! Concats on gitting to blog!

  2. ZOMCod!!!! SKEEZIX readed my blog!!
    /faints, and then gets jumped on by Sadie Dumbdog while she's down


    Hi Skeezix, Rocky, Mao and Trip!! And to yoo too, Garage CAt!!