Friday, March 20, 2009

Sadie's posting today

I am very tired today, so Sadie Dumbdog ams gonna blog today.

Hi!!!!!!!!! Today i am gonna show you my friend Henry!!!!

He is a very handsome Golden Retriever!!! He's very excited to be here today!!! Henry is a VERY handsome young man, he's my age! We were both born in November.

We went for a hike with Momma and Henry's Dad Doug! Here he is with Henry.

Henry and i ran this way first!

Then we ran that way next!

Here we are running RIGHT at Momma and Doug!! I slammed into Doug 2x during the hike! Im not very good at putting on the breaks! I use lotsa !!! 's cause i am a very excited dog!!

Here's me having a breather. We did LOTS of running!

Here is a picture of Henry on his front porch where we had to stay and dry off. We got reeeeeaaaaalllly dirty.

And here's a pic of me on the way home. I always fall alseep in the car like this, with my head on Momma's hand.

It was a SUPER day!!


  1. You forgot to credit yourself as the narrator:)

  2. Sadie and Henry, you look so filled with joy as you are running around! I'm glad you had fun.