Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A sad post today

Yesterday was a sad day here in our city. We live at the airbase where our fallen troops are brought back home for repatriation. This post is NOT a political one... but something we wanted to share with you.

These are the latest four young men who have been killed during the war, and this Repatriation is our community's way of saying "Stand down Soldier,
From left to right, Master Corp. Scott Vernelli, Cpl. Tyler Crooks, Trooper Jack Bouthillier and Trooper Corey Hayse

When our soldier's bodies are sent back home, pretty well everyone in the city who isnt working comes and stands along a part of the fence right infront of the airbase where the plane lands. This is nicknamed "Repatriation Row"

The plane lands, and the hearses are waiting, as well as the families, and usually our Governer General and other dignitaries. The bodies are carried off of the plane with the greatest respect and dignity.

We wait quietly along the fence, most with flags and messages for the families. Those who can, wear red. It is a very solumn event.

The hearses, then the limosines with the Fallen's families drive past us as we salute, or hold our hands to our hearts in respect. We even have the route renamed in Their honour, it is called the Highway of Heroes.

People line the bridges all along the highway from Trenton to Toronto, they stand with flags and salute as the hearses go by.
It's not much, but it does let the families of the soldiers know that we thank them, and share the grief they feel.

A Thankful MTW and Momma Suzie


  1. Thank you for writing this sensitive and thoughtful post. It made my eyes leak. I am so glad the people of your town are there to welcome those heroes home. I wish to say to them, Thank you for your brave and selfless service.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful way to honor and thank those fallen heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice...

    Purrs to their families....

  3. Bless those men! Our purrs are with their families and friends.

  4. it happens EVERY time a soldier dies and is brough home.
    Yesterday we got to meet friends of the youngest lad killed, they took the time to find out where we all meet before the repat, (at a Tim Horton's donut shop lol) and asked if they could get a photo of us for the lad's family. It was very heartwarming to know that the family took the time to come and thank us, for thanking THEM.

  5. Oh Ms. Tiger Woods, that is a beautiful post!! We appreciate all the solders that are lost in War no matter what country they are from! We will pray for the families who lost their sons, fathers or husbands!! Thank you so much for sharing that with us!!
    Your Proud of our Soldiers FL furiends,

  6. What a wonderful way to pay respects to your fallen heroes. It made our Mom cry. Thank you for your service, soldiers.