Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The most EMBARASSING picture of me EVER.

We lost our home to a fire a few years back, and while our new house was being built, we had to all cram in a singlewide trailer. 4 cats at the time, 3 dogs, 4 human boys, and Momma and Dad.
Suffice to say there was NO privacy at all. I was sitting on the potty one day, and Momma throws the light on, sees me sitting on it, says "Oh sorry Tigs!" and turns and shuts the door!!

I couldnt believe it!!! She didn't even CHANGE THE TOILET PAPER ROLL!!!

an embarassed MTW :S


  1. Hi there Miss Tiger Woods, mom and fambly. My name is Poppy Q, and I lives with my mum in New Zealand. I is an only cat, so I don't have to share any of my toys.

    Nice to meet you.

    Poppy Q

  2. Well dats was furry embarrasin... didja gets morh papur??

    Mawmee finks we shoods gets toilet trained... cuz weze makes a messy in our litter box closet!!

    Katie Too.

  3. she eventully came back in and changed the paper Mol