Thursday, March 12, 2009

My good Friends Walter and Jake

Meet my Momma's best buddy Walter, and hims kitty Jake!

Momma and Walter met in *gasp* 1977!! Walter lived across the road from her, and that's where she got her love for animals. They adopted 2 littermates, Tigger and Menew. Walter had Tigger, and Momma got Menew. This is a picture of Menew, we couldn't find on of Tigger ::

This is a picture of Momma, Walter and Saral the Goat whoo eeted many many reins. Walter is on the left with his calf "Likker", and Momma is on the right with "Charms"

Here is a picture of Walter's pony "Squirt" and Momma's pony Nuggett. The look fierce in the picture but they werent

Here is an innerview with Walter and Jake that i done. Please enjoy.

Me: Hi Walter and Jake! Can yoo please tell my readers about how yooo and Jake came to be together?

W&J: I got Jake many many many years ago. It would be about 11 or 12 years ago ...possibly 13 years. At the time I was living on Hamilton Rd with mom. We still had Garfield at the time(the oddball Siamese with the white tipped tail) , and Tramp, the white haired cat we found near the railroad tracks. Somehow we were delivered these 2 new cats from the Humane Society (thanks Leslie)....Baby cat, an extra-toed odd kitten who was really cool, and Jake, a full grown tabby who had been abandoned by some base people who had moved. Jake immediately 'chose' me.. she hopped up on my lap and just wanted 'security'... and has been mine ever since (or rather, I've been hers ever since).

MTW: Does she lets other cats in the hoose now?

W&J: *Jake hisses*

W&J: She's always been quite territorial of me. She sleeps with me at nite... wanting me to lay on my left side so she can get pets and cuddles, but knows that when i roll to my right side, its time to that point, she mostly curls up in the area between my arm and chest.

MTW: What do you fink she does when yoo are gone to work?

W&J: I've attached a pic.... I assume that while I'm gone to work, she's running around in the Jaketrix :P

Thank yoo all fer readin dis innerview. MTW

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  1. Is that the menew that loved my dad? tee hee