Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Faktry Cat! These are the kittehs in my Neighbourhood..

Now Momma is singin that song from Seseme Street.. She can even hear Bob singing it!!

ANYWAYS, we live a bit away from a faktory. At the Faktry, there's a cat!! She lives inside. THey make cabinets, and she is the Offical Mouser.

We call her "Faktry Cat. She seems to be a Maine Coon, she is a very sweet Girl. Here real name is "Freddie Freeloader." We like Faktry Cat better tho. Here she is bonkin Momma on the leg, giving ear rubs.

Momma and 2 of the human kittens went to see if she was outside, and she was! Momma stops once in awhile to give hers some pets. She was very saddened to see what shape FC was in.. she was all matted.. the mats were so bad she seemed to have problems walkin. But she came over to Momma and the boys, and got LOTS of skritches and pats.

She was so matted, she has really dirty pooper-area issues with all that long hair. It maked Momma sad, and she's still thinking about goin back tomorrow and offering to get FC groomed.

A thankful MTW


  1. Ah, poor Faktry Cat! She sure is beautiful! I hope someone will take care of her.

  2. What a lovely cat Faktry Cat is. Maybe the Faktry people don't realise she needs some good care. It's very nice of your Mom to think about helping her out with a grooming.

    Whicky Wuudler

  3. Faktry Cat is furry special! She is very beautiful and full of the floofs. Maybe the people at the faktry will chip in to help pay for the grooming costs?