Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's the famous Jeter Harris' BIRFDAY today!!

Jeter Harris is a vary famous mancat on the catblogging world. He is also Skeezix's spellin coach!!! He is a huge New York Yankees fan, and looks so dashing in his ballcap. Please pop over to hims page at:

Me and my whole Fambly wish yooo a very happy birthday Jeter!!

/headbonks and purrs



  1. Hi, Ms. Tiger Woods! I am so excited that you have a blog now. I will be sure to subscribe so I don't miss anything.

    Happy Birthday to Jeter!

  2. Hell there Ms. Tiger Woods! So happy to meet you! Your mommy wrote our Mommy and we had to come and see you! What a great blog!!! We will tell everycat to comeover!!!


  3. /headbonks Thanks Ladies!! Momma is going to post some silly pichures today, one of me in the DOG's toybox, and one of Sadie Dumbdog sitting in a chair!