Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Rainbow Bridge Fambly.

Hi there. This post is going to make Momma's eyes leak.

To start things off, I will introduce yoo to Tandee Pitbull. This is her Dogster page:

This is a rather long entry, but please bear with us on it. Tandee was my bestest buddy in the world, even though she was a DOG. We would cuddle together alla times... Here is a picture of me in Daddy's pants (don't ask) and Tandee lying beside me:

Tandee Wigglebum was the sweetest, gentlest, most loving dog we have ever had the honour to meet. Daddy got Tandee when she was a puppy. She had a rough go at life, through no fault of her own. She was swarmed with bees and almost died. She was maked unconsious when our house burned down, as we were all in it at the time. She had a condition called "Happy Tail" and had to get most of her tail amputated. And she died far too young, at the age of 6. She developed a condition called " Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia (IMT)" She had to be euthanised 2 days after we had a diagnosis.

Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia is when platelets are destroyed by the body's own immune system, at a rate faster than they are produced in the bone marrow. About half of dogs with IMT experience only one episode of thrombocytopenia, and respond well to treatment within a few days. Some dogs will have occasional relapses, which may be associated with stressors such as another illness, or travel. Unfortunately some dogs with this disorder die acutely because of severe internal bleeding. Sadly Our Tandee was one of the unlucky ones.

Tandee loved to kill soccer balls, and she was a very fast runner.

She was famous for her smiling face, and wiggly butt

EVERYTIME we had a kitten in the house, it would end up cuddled with Tandee. She was a wonderful foster Momma. Tank, his siblings, and Tibby too would find a safe haven

Its been one year since she went to the Bridge, and her collar hangs on Momma's bedpost. We still miss her everyday.

A sad MTW


  1. Tandee sounds like she was a great woofie. I bet she is up at the bridge playing with soccer balls and being a momma to all the kitties up there.

  2. Hello and welcome to cat blogoshere. My bean's sister's little dog when to the bridge yesterday. This was not unexpected as he have cancer. Furry sad day for his family. Pleased to meet you!

  3. Your post made our Momma's eyes leak, too. Then she smiled when she saw the picture of Tandee with the babycat. Her dog, Holly Belle loved us like that. She was also the best dog ever. We think they are playing at the Rainbow Bridge.
    You gave Tandee a great home, and she looks so cute with her smile.
    Sending you and your beans lots of ((((Hugs))))

    ~ The Bunch

  4. Hi there, we're happy to meet all of you! It was nice, tho a bit sad at times, to read about all your family members. We've made one of our "pictures" for you; but we didn't see an email address here; if you want to email us, we'll send it back to you! Welcome to the world of cat blogging...
    Bye now, Maggy & Zoey from Zoolatry

  5. Ms. Tiger Woods, it's wonderful to meet you and all your fur siblings, and we're looking forward to being friends. Tandee was such a wonderful pit woofie, and you must miss her very much.

    & the Artsy Catsy staff

  6. I can tell Tandee was a very special doggie! The love you have for her shines through in your post. I am sorry she had to go to the Rainbow Bridge so soon. I am certain she is watching over you from the Bridge.

  7. Awww, we can see why you miss Tandee so much! What a special dog she was! We hope all the good memories you have of her helps you through this difficult day...

  8. Welcome to Cat Bloggin!

    Tandee sure was speshul... n dats all da kittens liked hur... Shes waiting fur u.
    Mawmee dont haz no doggies now cuz deys all ovfur da raneboh bridge likes Tandee.

    Fanks fur sharing ur luv uv Tandee and we iz purrin fur u dat Tandeez memoriez bring a smile taday.

    Katie Too
    n Da Katie Katz

  9. Tandee sure sounds like she was a speshul woofie. We hope her memrees make yoor mom smile now.

  10. Tandee sure was a nice woofie.
    It's very nice to meet you!

  11. We know how hard it is to lose such a wonderful furry. Tandee sounds like she was a great sister and friend.

  12. we enjoyin meetin all of yoo, and we scrolled thru and read thru yur bloggie...tandee wuz a grate woofie and we is sure dat she is watchin ofur yoo frum da bridge and keepin yoo all safe.


  13. awww Diamond, im so sorry to hear that!!!

    And thak yoo everyone for your kind words. Tandee was indeed a fine woofie.