Monday, March 2, 2009

This is my littermate Zelda.

This is a kitten pichur of me and my real sister Zelda. Zelda has furs that are sooo soft, it's almost silly. In our litter, there were six kittens, 2 tabbys, 2 black and 2 like Zelda! Our mommy was a tiny little black kitty, with a tail like a squirrel.

Zelda and i used to have an odd habit of sucking each other's armpits. We would curl up like a Yin/Yan symbol, and kneed each other's belly. We only do this the odd time now, cause the other cats laff at us.
I am going to put up a very silly pichure of me and Zeldy tomorrow. It will be worth coming back to see it.



  1. Thanks fur tellin me bout your bloggy! It looks varry nice. Kitten pitchurs are always grate. Yoo look happy and like good furrends. I will be bak!