Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I was SUPPOSED to go play outside on the deck in Tank's harness today, but it was FREEZING RAIN. If yoo don't know what freezing rains are, its when its rainin, and as soon as it hits sumfink, it FREEZES. It is very dangerous to drive, or walk on our wooden decks. Yoo almost always land on yoor butt.

So instead of playing outside, we had to help Momma CLEAN the HOOSE. Cause we have 6 kittehs and 2 dumbdogs and a load of boys living here, we gots LOADS of hairballs allll over the floors. Momma always sez she's gonna knit a hampster outta all that hair. She never does tho.

Everyfink went up on the tables while she swept and scrubbed the floor, and i decided to help by laying on the shoo mat.

Tankie helped by redepositing all the hairs and dirts back to where they were. Tankie is very good at this. He usually gets "Tank Wrangled" by one of the human kittens, but he 'scaped from them.
So that was my sucky day.
A grouchy MTW

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